Cybersecurity & Compliance

EnableComp is dedicated to meeting the security and compliance needs of our clients by protecting and processing their data safely. EnableComp is independently audited on an annual basis.

System Infrastructure

EnableComp’s infrastructure has been developed to be redundant, available, and highly flexible. We have built our systems to detect and defend against malicious attacks. Our client’s healthcare data lives within our SOC 2 Type 2 certified infrastructure, which protects all encrypted data at rest and in transit throughout the data lifecycle.

Security and Compliance 

EnableComp has established a corporate cyber risk management program based on industry standards for information security management.  We are SOC2 Type II certified and HIPAA compliant.

Security Training

Our team is responsible for handling protected health information (PHI) and maintaining extreme privacy and security as it relates to confidential and proprietary information. As part of employee orientation and ongoing employment, EnableComp ensures all employees fully understand and accept their responsibility to protect the privacy of health information under HIPAA. All employees undergo mandatory security awareness and HIPAA training which is tested and refreshed on an annual basis.