June 24-27 — Las Vegas, NV

This unique class of the revenue cycle is difficult to manage and often ignored. That’s where we come in. Just a few of the benefits of choosing us:

  • Exclusively Workers’ Compensation Partner
  • Maximize Reimbursement
  • Revenue Cycle and Managed Care Services
  • Technology-Driven Philosophy
  • Established Best Practices

We’d love to meet with your team at ANI to discuss how we can solve your challenges. We’ll show you how our special software will identify fair and accurate revenue recovery for your hospital.

We’ll offer advice on how you can:

  • Avoid the stress of dealing with complicated and confusing processes
  • Save time and allocate your team to more important tasks
  • Ensure that not a penny is lost for any of your workers’ comp claims


Ready to get your revenue cycle back on track? Fill out the form and we’ll contact you shortly. We look forward to seeing you at ANI!