Understanding EnableComp’s WHY: The Foundation for Inspiration and Innovation

Posted June 20, 2023 by Jesse Larrison

Throughout our daily lives each of us is often asked what it is that we do for a living. Many can explain WHAT they do, some can explain HOW they are different or better, but very few can clearly articulate their WHY.  When you understand the WHY and the purpose that drives your profession, you can communicate it more passionately and authentically to others, thereby creating stronger connections with your colleagues, clients, and prospects.

When I think about EnableComp’s WHY, I get excited about what we have been able to accomplish and where we are today as “One EnableComp Team.” Almost 25 years ago, there was a need from a local health system seeking a partner to process Workers’ Compensation claims on their behalf. EnableComp was founded to meet that need. Now, with more than 1,000 facilities nationwide and a full complex claims suite, we still have the same WHY. Our primary goal is to use the best People, Processes, and Technology to drive revenue from the most complicated claims back to our providers so they can continue to deliver much-needed healthcare to their patients, families, and communities. 

Knowing the WHY behind EnableComp allows us to:

  • Provide a team of trained professionals who are focused on maintaining a level of unmatched knowledge and expertise, consistently seeking new ways to raise the bar.
  • Discover innovative ways to continuously exceed client expectations by challenging the status quo and allowing providers to spend more time generating revenue and less time digging for answers.
  • Hire passionate people who share the same inspiration and commitment to always strive for excellence.

With this understanding, we can be more focused on our decision-making, enhancing our customer relationships, and fostering an environment of innovative minds.

We just wrapped up our 2023 Innovation Week at EnableComp, which consists of a formal call asking our employees one important question: How can we, as a company, do things better, faster, and smarter?

Innovation is one of our six core values and the lifeblood of our organization. It’s critical that we keep improving in this area, and we believe as an organization that our employees are a great source for original ideas on how to improve our business, and truly execute on our WHY. Everyone is inspired to submit ideas throughout the week and every idea is reviewed no matter how big or small.

Over the last several years, hundreds of ideas have been submitted, with many being implemented at the employee and departmental level. The top ideas selected by department heads and the Senior Leadership Team are added to the product roadmap and are prioritized for the company. This year, we focused on ideas that leverage modern technologies to improve our team members’ work. Four finalists were selected and during Innovation Week the idea submitter and our product and technology teams collaborated to build working prototypes to demonstrate the viability of the idea.

Innovation Week has been an enormous success for EnableComp by giving employees a voice and really encouraging them to dig deep to find new and improved ways to accomplish our WHY. It empowers our employees to realize that their ideas make an impact on not only our organization, but most importantly on patient lives, and lets them know that their ideas could set the path to our future.

If you distill what EnableComp does down to its very core, the answer becomes clear: We positively impact patient lives.

Our number one goal is to provide a best-in-class billing and collection solution to healthcare providers across a spectrum of settings. We serve large teaching and research hospitals, small rural community hospitals, physician practices, and urgent care centers. All these providers serve not only the patients that come through their doors for much needed healthcare, but they also employ doctors, nurses, administrative staff, food service personnel, and maintenance staff. Patients and employees alike rely on healthcare providers, who rely on EnableComp to ensure that they maximize financial collections necessary to pay their employees, invest in clinical programs, equipment, continuing medical training, and to treat injured workers, Veterans, and car accident victims. That is what we do better than anybody!

Recently, one of our hospitals responded to a survey question with, “I use EnableComp, and they have outperformed my wildest dreams for a few years now. They have done better than my team has. I can sleep at night because the firm does such a great job; I do not need to worry.” That is a real impact for the hospital. When our clients receive more reimbursement for their services, they can continue to reinvest in delivering healthcare to the people in their communities.

So, the next time someone asks you “what do you do for a living?”, take a minute and really explain to them the WHY behind what you do and the direct impact that you have on the communities and people in which you work and live. Your WHY differentiates you, inspires others, and allows you to highlight your unique perspective and passion, making you memorable and setting you apart from others.