The PENCIL Project

Posted September 24, 2019 by Lauren Adcock

EnableComp partnered with the LP Pencil Box for our 3rd quarter charity project. The LP Pencil Box is a 503(C)3 nonprofit that supplies Metro Nashville with classroom essentials such as pencils, crayons, paper, glue sticks, etc! It allows teachers to shop for new school supplies for both their classrooms and their students FOR FREE!

This project started off with a pledge. Each team came together and committed to certain number of backpacks to stuff. EnableComp provided the backpacks, but the teams did the rest. The initial company pledge was 101 but we quickly exceed that! We donated a total of 173 backpacks which filled over 15 shopping carts FULL!

LP Pencil reported that our drive was the LARGEST company drive they had ever seen and would likely be the largest donation they would receive all year. One of the supervisors, Katelyn Boulanger, was truly touched by this project and shared her story.

“As a supervisor here at EnableComp, I was extremely excited to get my team on board for this cause. I can say firsthand the LP Pencil Box organization and other donation based nonprofits are a huge help when families need it. As soon as I heard a supply drive would be our Q3 Charitable Giving Project, I immediately pumped up my team. I let them know about my passion for this project, and they were all so eager to bring in and donate for families who need a little extra help. I never imagined my team would bring in over 20 backpacks for these kids who need it most. We created friendly competition within my team and everyone was so involved. One of my team members even filled 8 backpacks herself in honor of her late mother. This was such an amazing cause and I was ecstatic to know that EC donated 173 backpacks!”

Not only has EnableComp proven true to our EMPOWERED TEAM MEMBERS Core Value, I continually witness EnableComp empowering others outside the organization and am elated to work for such a company!