Posted December 4, 2018 by Ally Conner

We outdid ourselves for the second year in a row.

The EnableComp team continually goes above and beyond, not only in their daily work for client services, but also by living out the company Core Values.

Each quarter, we choose a charity to support as a team to make a real difference in our community. Last year for our Q4 charity, we chose an international relief organization – Operation Christmas Child, a project of Samaritan’s Purse. They partner with churches and provide shoeboxes that are then filled with school supplies, hygiene items, and small toys. The boxes are shipped to countries around the world to children who have been affected by poverty, disease, and war. It may not seem like much, but more often than not, these small gifts will be the only present these children receive for Christmas. The team enjoyed it so much, we decided to partner with OCC again this year.

I personally grew up filling these boxes. I learned about the program in school a long time ago, so it quickly became a personal rule of mine – if I bought a pair of shoes that year, I had to save the box and fill it for OCC before Christmas. I knew I wouldn’t get to see that child open the gift and it sometimes felt like I wasn’t making an impact, but through images and video, I am reminded that this small act could tell a child they are loved, and that they matter.

Let me be the first to admit how incredibly easy it is to be consumed by our own lives (usually with the most trivial of things) that we forget there are millions of children around the globe who feel forgotten, hopeless, and completely alone. It seems we are constantly inundated with charitable causes, which, if you take a moment to consider, is truly a remarkable thing. There is never a day that should pass where we don’t take the opportunity to help another person. I had someone once tell me, “If you haven’t helped someone today, what did you accomplish?”

The company once again covered the cost of shipping at $9/donation per box. We ordered 100 pre-made shoeboxes on the OCC website to encourage the team to participate. When communications about the Q4 project started, the EC team didn’t hesitate. Many employees took multiple so their family members could each fill one and boxes overflowing with gifts came pouring in. Once they were delivered to a local church, we put a tracking slip on each gift. Their final destinations …. Peru, Paraguay, and Senegal!

Throughout this process, I’m continually in awe of the generosity of those around me. I’m incredibly honored to work every day with such a giving group of individuals who understand the importance of helping those less fortunate, by spreading joy one shoebox at a time. Since 1970, 157 million boxes have been shipped worldwide. Thanks to the phenomenal generosity of my colleagues, we can proudly say that number is now 157,000,092 and counting.

To learn more about Operation Christmas Child, you can check them out here.

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