The 2018 Emerging Leaders Series

Posted October 16, 2018 by Hamilton Bowman

At EnableComp, we believe that our people are our best asset.

One of our six core values is Empowered Team Members…another is Profitable Growth.  Our CEO David Jones and I meet with each new hire class and emphasize our commitment to investing in their professional development.  This includes the creation of highly functional teams with servant leaders and investment in training and career advancement opportunities.

EC has experienced rapid growth the last six years with strong year-over-year revenue growth.  Our Revenue Services team has expanded at a fast pace as a result.  In 2012, we could have team meetings sitting around a conference table.  Now we have over 150 employees in Revenue Services alone and coordinate Town Hall meetings using outdoor spaces and video conferencing.  This growth necessitates an emphasis on identifying and mentoring the next management team members.

Earlier this year, we selected a group of 10 colleagues who were recommended by their managers to participate in our first Emerging Leaders Series program.  These individuals were selected because of their desire and potential to be promoted at EnableComp.  Our Operations and Revenue Services management teams partnered with our colleagues in Human Resources to create a course syllabus that focused on teamwork and cross-functional exposure.


Some highlights of the course include:

-Team building events that focused on intra-team and leadership dynamics

-Presentations by EC management that provided further insights into our different functional areas, including Operations, Human Resources, and Sales & Marketing

-Feedback was solicited and received after each session to perfect future sessions

-Leadership training including a DISC profile personality assessment and personalized coaching


…and most importantly, several of these recent graduates have already received promotions within EnableComp!  We began to realize the success of this program before the first class graduated, and we have decided to open up a rigorous selection process to the entire company.  Multiple colleagues across the company have expressed interest in participating in the next class.

If you want to experience the growth opportunities available within a dynamic company, please visit our careers page. We currently have over 20 new positions!