Going for the Gold

Posted April 3, 2018 by Carrie Beziat

To kick off the charity events for 2018, the Charity Committee chose to host a canned food drive with Second Harvest Food Bank as part of EnableComp’s 1st quarter celebration. We were extremely excited to work with Second Harvest because of their local impact. In fact, they provide 27 MILLION meals to people and families in 46 counties in Middle Tennessee.

EnableComp’s food drive was Olympic Sized in its plans with 12 teams that represented 12 countries around the globe. Our food drive was broken into two competitions for a great cause! The first, which country could build the most innovated can design. The second, which country could bring in the most food items.

The can stacking competition was amazing! Team members showed up and showed out in order to build an innovative design created by the food items they brought in. Each team was given 20 minutes to create their masterpiece and it was a close one. Team Germany ultimately took home the gold with a beautiful representation of not one, but two of our core values, “Ecstatic Clients Lead to Profitable Growth.” Team France received the silver for their fantastic Eiffel Tower. The bronze was awarded to team USA for the patriotic portrayal of the American flag.

The amount of food donations is what really makes me proud to be a supervisor here at EnableComp. Team Belgium came in with the gold with an impressive 849 items. Silver was awarded to team USA with 625 Items. Ireland won the bronze with 487 items.

Overall, EnableComp collected an extraordinary 4,385 food items! Employees from all different departments pitched in to load all our donations to be dropped off at Second Harvest – teamwork really does make the dream work! I was hoping for an amazing turn out, but my company went above and beyond my expectations! With 2,967 lbs. of food successfully delivered to Second Harvest, it truly was a great day for charity work.

Everyone had a fantastic time competing against each other and seeing who would come out on top. Many laughs were shared and there were smiles all around. But the biggest winner in our competitions was, hands down, Second Harvest Food Bank. EnableComp takes charity work to a whole new level. I have never been so proud to be a part of a company as I was when I saw the total numbers. I cannot wait to see how EnableComp comes together for the Second Quarter charity event.