Ecstatic Clients – How Do You Know?

Posted March 13, 2018 by David F. Jones

As a consumer, when was the last time you were wowed by someone selling you a product or providing you a service? Having a hard time thinking of one?

I can recall the last time I was truly wowed. I was looking to trade motorcycles. I found the exact bike I wanted at both my local dealership where I had been taking my bikes for service for years and at another dealership 100 miles away in Jackson, Tennessee. I was so impressed with the Jackson sales rep when we talked on the phone and the too good to be true deal they were offering me that I decided to make the 100-mile trek to Jackson fully expecting they would do a bait-and-switch on me when I got there. Not only did the sales rep stick to the deal he had promised me over the phone, it was a fantastic buying experience overall.

After test riding the bike, the owner of the dealership came over to meet me and to thank for me for the business. I was escorted around the dealership and introduced to the head of every department (sales, service, merchandise, finance, etc.) while they prepared my new bike. They provided free food and drinks for all their customers. After going into the finance office and signing all the paperwork, the finance manager walked me out of her office and showed me to a bell on the wall. She asked me to ring it, which I did only to receive a hearty applause from every person who worked in the dealership, not to mention several handshakes. You would have thought I won the lottery. My bike was ready by then and they took me to a staging area where they took my photo sitting on my new bike (which was mailed to me a few days later).

One week later, I got a call from the sales manager just making sure everything was going well and asking about my buying experience. I know where I will buy my next motorcycle.

At EnableComp, we work hard not to have just happy clients; we want ecstatic clients. That’s why it’s one of our six core values. To have ecstatic clients, we must deliver excellence with passion every single day. For us, it starts by valuing each client as a partner and stakeholder. We don’t want to be just another vendor to our clients, but a strategic partner who cares about them and is committed to their success.

I often hear companies say, “Our clients or customers love us”. My natural response is, “How do you know?” The truth is — they don’t.

We routinely ask our clients for feedback on how we are doing and areas of improvement. We have performance metrics we track and trend. We ask them to grade our performance and we survey them regularly. And when we mess up with a client – and we do – we learn from it and fix it so it doesn’t happen again.

Oh, you were in the process of telling me about the last time you were wowed as a customer …..