4 Signs of a Top Work Comp Collector

Posted February 8, 2018 by Franny Potts

I am often asked what I look for in a Workers’ Compensation Specialist, and this isn’t always an easy question to answer. So, I attempt to simplify it by thinking of what I look for in a pair of good boots.

Some questions that I immediately begin to ask myself are: Are they dependable? Do they fit properly? Are they a conversation starter? And what is their overall value? The same questions can be applied when looking for the perfect Workers’ Compensation Specialist. I look for someone that will be dependable, have the right personality to fit within the team, have the ability to start conversations, and is valuable member to our group. And just like a new pair of boots, I always enjoy what different characteristics they bring to my current collection. Let’s break down some of the key characteristics:

1. Are they dependable?

A great team is made up of multiple personalities and levels of knowledge. However, one of the traits I require in each Workers’ Compensation Specialist is dependability. The team needs to know they can count on one another, and that every individual cares about the success of the team. Dedication and hard work start with someone who puts in the time to do the job right.

2. Do they fit properly?

Saying that teams should always have multiple personalities on them sounds a little scary doesn’t it? But what’s the fun if everyone thinks the same way? An ideal team includes specialists that are innovative and look for ways to improve a current process, specialists that have charisma and motivate the group, and specialists that show consistency and always push through to do every assigned task. It’s essential to know all of your team members strengths and weaknesses, so that you can find the perfect fit when interviewing for a new member of the team.

3. Are they a conversation starter?

It takes a special kind of person to pick up the phone every day and talk to people they will never meet face to face. Not many people can create relationships over the phone, and a huge part of a Workers’ Compensation Specialist’s daily duties is building relationships. Our specialists must be able to read someone by only the tone of their voice and be able to relate to them. It’s vital to have both a confident voice and the knowledge to discuss claim status in detail.

4. What is their overall value?

Every position at EnableComp has specific values that vary from role to role and team to team. Therefore, I have to identify an individual’s value, knowledge, and ability to learn when interviewing a new Workers’ Compensation Specialist. Their value is really the sum of the characteristics above, and you can gauge a candidate’s value based upon how they meet this criterion. A valuable candidate is a dependable one who exemplifies that they will care about the outcome of their individual and team success. They have the right personality and skills to do the job and fit in with the team rather than just have a nice personality. And lastly, a valuable applicant is a conversation starter with the confidence to have difficult discussions and build relationships.

If you were to look into EnableComp’s closet, you would see that Workers’ Compensation Specialists aren’t all the same, and it’s their differences that make a strong team. While there are a few key characteristics to look for, at the end of the day, we aren’t looking for just one person. We are looking for a strong and diverse team with individual ideas and solutions.