EnableComp: How Did We Get Here?

Posted August 18, 2017 by Jim Lackey

EnableComp was founded in 2000 by my longtime friend David Iskowe like many new companies: a potential customer asked an entrepreneur to do something for them!

Bill Blackford, who was running the insurance billing and follow-up department for a major Nashville hospital, knew David had experience in Workers’ Compensation (WC) and asked him if he could help them out with their WC billing and follow-up. Of course, he said he could and EnableComp was born! Bill is an Account Resolution Consultant for the company now.

EnableComp added customers and by 2009 had 10 hospitals using their services and had 12 employees. I had retired as CEO of Passport Health Communications and David asked me to come help him grow the company.

At the time, we had no sales team, no finance team and no technology team. Everyone was just pitching in. I knew we had to build the infrastructure if we had any chance of growing this company. I asked my longtime friend, David Jones to help build the infrastructure and then started raising the capital we needed.

Over the years, we were so fortunate to have the right people at the right time join us and today our company serves over 600 hospitals, has almost 200 employees and almost 40,000 square feet of office space. We just completed a major recapitalization of the company and now have Primus Capital as a partner to provide financial and strategic support.

I took this opportunity to turn over the CEO role to David Jones and I will move to Chairman of the Board (a pretty cushy job!). With our realignment and new financial partners, we are positioned to do what my late, great friend David Iskowe always used to say: We can go to the moon!